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New Phone…

September 30, 2009
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I know you aren’t supposed to complain about free things because they were, well, free… but my new phone sucks.

Due to the nature of my job a lot of work is done on weekends and on some nights,  with a lot of texts and calls coming in from Coaches and people I work with. So, as part of my job, they give me a little cell phone and cover a basic plan for me.

This worked out GREAT last year – I got a Motorola Razr that was this dark gray color and I learned to text for the first time (gasp! I know I just got on the texting bandwagon)

Old - wonderful- phone

Old - wonderful- phone

But with the merge of Alltel and Verizon we as a company had to switch everything over to Verizon and I got my new phone on Monday.

New Phone

New Phone

Needless to say I miss my old phone – my new one- the Jitterbug as Albie calls it- is really like a phone for old people who can’t see the numbers and don’t text.

New phone again

New phone again

So good-bye old Razr,  hellooo Vu204. Here’s to hoping I don’t drop you half as often as I dropped my old phone and that I get used to telling you to suggest words for EACH text I send.

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