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Finley’s Dinner…

October 9, 2009
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In Honor of my exciting post about chicken, here are some funny pictures of Finley getting his dinner.

We heard Cesar Milan say , ONE time, that dogs are used to working for their food. So we took this to heart and have gone way over board like we normally do in all things related to Finley.

Every night he has to sit and be very ‘calm’ before we ask him to a trick.

Sitting very calmly

Sitting very calmly

Sometimes before we ask him to do a trick he volunteers his paw, which we call “Saying Please”. This is why we think Finley has great manners :)



He knows many really lame tricks but we like to make him get on two paws and walk to us for his food. Hilarious? Yes. Necessary? Probably not.



And then finally he gets to enjoy his food while his annoying mother takes his picture.

Yumm, dog food

Yumm, dog food

And yes, we really do this for every meal. We are crazy.

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