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Garden Flags…

November 11, 2009

In an effort to get on a jump for my Christmas List I have been doing a bit of searching. Garden Flags happen to fall on my list this year because we have now  lived in our cute house for over a year and I think I may have changed my little flag 3 times. I have an NC State Flag, an American Flag and a Birthday Flag.

So I started my search for maybe a little set of seasonal  garden flags that would be easy to ask for and keep in the closet, ready to change as holidays came and went.

Not so much. The sets out there are terrible! I should have searched for “ugly airbrushed flags” But among the countless tacky flags I did find some gems.

  • For Thanksgiving obviously.

Finley LOVES squirrels!

  • Let me also introduce you to “Charcoal Charlie” – not kidding. That was it’s name on the website.

For Albie of course

  • And then because poor Squirtle seems to be neglected on the blog, I found this cutie sunbathing in his sneakers and he obviously enjoys a good cocktail like we do!


For Squirtle

Note: The identity of the websites these came from has been protected for their own sake. And to save me from being required to put one of these out front when received as a gift.

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