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NC State vs Maryland…

November 13, 2009

We won! We Won!

Our Maryland game was not only homecoming but it was also our first home game in about a month so it was a nice change of pace to get back into my game week routine and win!


Maryland Helmet

This week was crazy because we had so many people in town to host but Albie loves to host at his tailgates so the more the merrier. This was also our first early home game in a while so Albie made sausage and biscuits for the breakfast part of tailgating and my Mom brought up some BBQ and Mac & Cheese to cover lunch time.


Anna came in town!!

I had a busy day inside so I could only visit for a minute like normal but it was such a pretty day! Prefect for Football!


Game Time!


First winning score board since September! 38-31

Because we had to juggle a few guests being in town Mom road into work with me and then got the pleasure of sitting with me in traffic after the game. But while she waited for me to be done working she sat in my car and watched the players sign autographs for the fans who were waiting outside of the locker room.


George Bryan signing autographs after the game

This upcoming weekend is our home game against Clemson on the 14th at noon.

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