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Project Runway Finale…

November 18, 2009

This week my new favorite show will be over for the season almost as quickly as it began for me.

I can not believe that I have missed out on this show for 5 other seasons! I am in love with everyone and everything about this show. I think this is the way Reality TV and “Contests” should be. There is very little drama outside of the actually competition drama of wondering who is in and who is “out”, as Heidi would say.

Last week in Episode 13 they went down to the final 3 by cutting 2 designers and they of course have now left the three that I have liked from the beginning.

Althea, Irina, and Carol Hanna

  • Carol Hannah is my absolute favorite. She is so cute and her designs are simply beautiful. I can’t say that they would all look fantastic on me – but for a South Carolina girl with no formal training she is hands down the winner to me. Here are some of my favorites by Carol Hannah:

From week 10's Challenge

Week 12's Challenge

  • My second favorite designer is Irina. She is very talented and comes up with very luxurious designs that seem to be very well made. BUT- she seems by far the hardest to get along with. She always thinks other designers are copying her and seems to very protective over her work. Here are some of my favorite pieces by Irina:

Week 5's Challenge - made entirely from newspaper

Week 10's Challenge

  • The third designer who will compete to be the winner of Project Runway this season is Althea. Althea is so adorable and I think she has some really cute ideas but she comes in third to me. She has kept to her self a lot of the season and has been a bit more daring then some of the other designers but I can not see my self wearing anything she makes. Here are some of my favorite pieces she has put together this season:

Week 4's Challenge

Week 6's Challenge

I think even from my favorite pieces by each designer you can see what they are good at, what styles they like and what works for them.  Tune in on Thursday night on Lifetime to watch the finale –  a runway show in Bryant Park in New York City during Fashion Week! Let’s go Carol Hannah!!

Tim Gunn baking biscuts with Carol Hanna - haha

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