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Meal Planning…

November 20, 2009

I don’t have children who ask “What’s for Dinner” but I might as well have because I am so annoying when it comes to meal planning.

Yep, I said it. I am so super annoying when it comes to food. I am weird about textures, eating leftovers, warm fruit, cold pasta etc – and don’t even get me started on when food touches each other.

So Albie and I have run into a problem: I am boring and like my normal meals that are typed out on a nice little sheet to select from each week that hangs in a cabinet and Albie would like something a bit more interesting. He wants chili, sloppy joes, sweet potatoes, Mediterranean, veggies other than Salad and Green beans and anything else I “won’t eat”.

To try and fix the problem a little bit I have been going through all of my cookbooks (like all 10 of them) and flagging the ones I think look “ok”  and I am copying them and adding them to a nerdy notebook with dividers that I am calling a “Cookbook” even though it’s only a compilation of other people’s recipes.

I have made a very large effort at trying to bake and help more in the kitchen because I read that when you get picky eaters involved in the process they are more proud of their hard work and willing to try it if not even *like* it. And it’s worked a little – our meal repertoire has gone from about 13 meals to cycle to 27 but as Albie points out that’s still repeating any given meal about 12 times a year.

This is my call for help with meal planning. How do you plan for picky eaters? What is your favorite resource for getting new ideas? And specifically – how do you get out of a chicken rut?

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