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November 23, 2009

I need to go back my Christmas list and make an amendment.

I didn’t list ANYTHING from Swoozie’s! I must have been feeling crazy! They are one of my favorite stores ever and after meeting a very nice  State fan at Virginia Tech this past weekend I realized that there are even people in the State of North Carolina that haven’t heard of Swoozie’s. So this is my official Swoozie’s shout out.


Swoozie’s sells any type of cute gift you could imagine: birthdays, wedding, showers, new baby, etc. They are also a great source for paper and stationary. As someone who loves good stationary just a bit too much this is something I can appreciate.

They helped with my Save the Date Info cards, my wedding invitations, and my wedding programs.  They do monogramming, imprinting, engraving, embroidery and they even paint on names and initials to some products.

But my favorite thing about Swoozie’s? It’s not only a noun or a place but it’s also a verb! You can have them “Swoozie” something up for you and it means they place it in a perfect white box with one pink ribbon and one orange ribbon.  You can’t help but get excited for a gift when it’s been swoozied up!

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