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A Letter to Dr. Pepper….

December 17, 2009

Dear Dr. Pepper,

It’s your old friend Katie writing, unfortunately, about 2 situations we have had in the past 24 hrs.

As you know my day can not go on without you and in an effort to fit our friendship in today I opened a nice crisp can here at my desk and slipped it into my cute “K” koozie ready to finish my afternoon on an up beat note.

But apparently you had other plans, or you didn’t like my koozie, can’t tell which but it really doesn’t matter because you have now made my afternoon move into a very dark and sticky place – known only as “I have spilled dark soda all over my nice clean pretty light gray j. crew cords that I love”

Obviously not a picture of me since this girl has no signs of Dr. Pepper all over her little legs.

I am putting past the fact that last night you were not interested in being my friend either. As you very well remember, I was ever so gently putting a straw into my Chick-Fil-A cup when you flipped right off the table and onto my pretty clean floors. Lucky for you, my husband moves faster than I do and is much (much) smarter then me and reacted with some paper towels and some quick thinking to make sure I didn’t miss more than a commercial break worth of our Mad Men episode we had saved.

So, my dear friend, I am afraid that tonight I may switch to my other (non-staining) friend Pinot Grigio to help me forget all of the dried sticky Dr. Pepper that is currently speeping through my cords and on my desk calendar.

Hope to see you again tomorrow, on more amicable terms.

With love,


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  1. December 18, 2009 4:01 pm

    Craig scoffs at your crying over spilled DP and asks why you didn’t just drink it straight off the ground like a true addict.

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