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Wilmington Christmas Party…

December 22, 2009

This past weekend we drove down to Wilmington for a Christmas party at Ozzie & William’s. Albie got there a bit before me so I got to make the grand entrance with Finley (Lets be real, he’s the only reason we are invited to anything anymore) So I made sure he came with “bells on”!

Get it "with bells on" haha - I crack my self up

Finley’s sleigh bells were quite the hit and so, of course was my cheese ball that I brought.

But no one can upstage Wendy’s baking skills, this time she made pies:

And of course someone had to mix up some egg nog, that someone being Jackson decked in his finest of holiday gear:


Jackson, Nick, Chris, William & Albie

Greg, being the great Uncle he is, drove Finley and I and hung out for a while too but after Albie decided to hit up the oh-so-classy waffle house for some late night breakfast we headed home.

Note: Sorry I had to steal pictures from people (Jackson & Wendy) my camera appears to be eating batteries for fun so it dies rather quickly.

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