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How I am spending my Christmas Vacation…

December 30, 2009

I know I have been MIA for a little while but it’s Christmas! What are you doing on the computer anyway??

Seriously, Once I am back at work and have a reason to be sitting in front of a computer for more then just to see if J Crew sold out of the sweater I want (they didn’t, don’t worry) then I will post a ton of pictures of whats been happening from our boring little family.

Finley waiting in the car as we picked up Albie from work to head to Wilmington. Clearly pumped to be riding with his batman sheet and all the presents.

Some highlights to look forward to:

  • Went to Wilmington & Carolina Beach
  • Drank a teeny tiny too much wine a few nights before Christmas which resulted in me lecturing people about their bad habits- maybe some new year’s resolutions could be to not be a hypocrite and to limit myself when in public?
  • Got spoiled by Albie for Christmas so in return I splurged too ( It’s so wonderful not saving for a wedding this year!)
  • Actually had to split Christmas day into 4 Christmases
  • Watched so many girly movies that I am now numb
  • I re-caulked my own shower and am so proud of it that you should look forward to it being it’s own blog post :)
  • Went to a movie by my self  for the first time (Did anyone really expect Albie to sit through New Moon??)
  • Bought out half the mall using wonderful gift cards from Christmas
  • Finally cleaned my back patio for winter which included the sad process of accepting  those brown weeds that I killed needed to be thrown away and that Finley does not enjoy walking through huge piles of dead leaves to come in and out.
  • Had Anna and little Sadie come visit for a night
  • Realizing how out of shape I am by my Wii fit telling me so. Wonderful, now a game system is reminding me that I haven’t worked out since my wedding 8 months ago!
  • And fill in the gaps with laundry, dishes and other really fun household chores that never get done on time during a regular work week!

Things to look forward to still before work:

  • My Massage and pedicure tomorrow – yesssss!!
  • Hopefully finishing 2 more books ( this will put me at about 10 books within a month)
  • Lots of snuggle time with Finley
  • A New Year’s Eve with actual plans- haven’t had those in years, I’m pretty pumped!

So again, sorry for the lack of posts but hopefully your break has been relaxing and as full as mine so you really haven’t needed these to entertain you anyway :)

See you in 2010!


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