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Holiday Decor…

January 8, 2010

So I am a pretty big nerd about changing little things all over the house for the upcoming seasons or holidays and of course Christmas is the biggest of them all so here are a few pictures of how I decorate for Christmas.

Note: This doesn’t count as being out dated since my decorations are still up.

Finley wasn’t a huge fan of getting his picture taken, so he waited paitently for rieces pieces… what a good boy :)

I love these stockings. When Albie and I first moved in together in 2007, I had really wanted cute Christmas stocking but being that we were broke newly-graduates I didn’t buy any. Well ok I did but I at least waited until after Christmas. I bought these on super sale from Pottery Barn on January 11, 2008 and when I tried to call Albie to tell him how excited I was and what a good deal they were, no answer… turns out I was getting proposed to that day :) I love thinking of that when I hang these up. I especially love how cute and little Finley’s is…

I love this count down Santa, Albie however has asked that we find a new place for it next year since it sits in the way of the bottom left corner of the TV.  We all know how much action you miss when that area of TV is covered for a month of the year.

First year with a coffee table and I wasn’t really sure what to put on it. So I tried something new with my Christmas cards and put them in my big pretty glass bowl that was a shower gift from my bridesmaids and i loved it! This was so much easier then trying to arrange all my cards on top of the china cabinet and running out of space. I also actually looked at them more then once which was fun too…

These are my pretty dish towels that Albie hates because I don’t ever let him actually USE them.

Here is the one kind of ok picture I got of my tree. Again Finley was clearly bored with me, and my presents were not wrapped, but I loved my tree and all of my new ornaments that I had collected over the past year so I had to put it on here!

This year for some reason we didn’t decorate as much as I had wanted because 1) we couldn’t find more little white lights ANYWHERE, 2) I couldn’t find any wreaths that I liked and would fit in between the glass door and our regular door, 3) No where had any good “candles” for the windows.

So, there’s my house decorated for the holidays. Now I get to take it all down tomorrow. No fun… I think the worst part is staring at the big empty corner where the tree wont be anymore. The house always feels so empty after I take everything down.

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