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Caulking My Shower…

January 9, 2010
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I promised this was coming, and I meant it. No way I spend the better part of 2 days in my shower with harsh chemicals and not have something to show for it, blog wise anyway…

First up the absolutely disgusting BEFORE picture:

Disclaimer: Please don’t think less of me. I really am a very clean and well organized person. I used those “daily” showers sprays and tried to keep up with the cleaning of our shower, but it was it’s own monster…

I know. Gross. Seriously, stop judging me. Shower Karma will find you soon if you don't.

So step one on every DIY blog and website I could find said you had to start with a clean shower and I had to agree. No way was I going to sit on that floor and remove old caulk, so I got to work.

I started with the basics: Bleach, Soft Scrub, Comet, a scrub brush and a pair of nice pink gloves. I was in my bathroom for hours just scrubbing and cleaning and waiting for the bleach to work it’s magic. Hours I tell you. (This is when I went to see New Moon by my self over break since I was getting antsy just waiting and scrubbing.)

Finally it was clean enough that I felt like I could remove the old caulk without inhaling some awful bacteria that would slowly kill me or worse, turn me into a Carolina fan.  So I set to work with my handy supplies that the nice man at Home Depot told me I needed.

First I poured an Adhesive & Caulk remover on the areas I wanted to remove that loosens it up and let that sit overnight. In the morning I used my new handy plastic tool that helps scrape it and pull if off. Worked well enough but this was when I was thrilled to have a clean floor to sit on, because this still wasn’t enjoyable.

Second, I had to rinse the shower out and then dry it (I actually used a hair dryer for this step) so it wouldn’t grow more mildew after I had removed the old  mildew. Again more waiting, as I wanted this to be super dry.

For the last step all you do is squeeze the new caulk along the wall where it’s supposed to go. Then run over it with the other tool that I had gotten to help make nice seamless lines. I still made a mess of my self and after all of this was “re-caulked” I was seriously proud of myself.

Here is my dramatic and life changing AFTER picture:


No, I wont come to your house and this for you and No, I don’t plan on doing this again. But I am glad I know how, and this was after all the first real “home improvement” thing we have done to the house after owning it for 1.5 years.

Note: If you planning on doing this to your shower, make sure you have a another bathroom to shower in. This stuff had to sit for 48 hours after finishing so start to finish. (This is certainly NOT the voice of experience talking.)

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