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Our Engagement…

January 11, 2010

2 years ago today Albie proposed to me :)

It had been a long time coming (we had been dating almost 7 years at that point) but the more rules I set I never thought it would happen. I had said: no holidays, no meal times (didn’t want a mouth full of food) I wanted a pretty ring, I wanted at least a year to plan a wedding, and above all I had wanted to be surprised!

I arrived at work (at the Jewelry Store) on Friday morning, January 11, 2008 and was at work for almost an hour before one of my bosses came in and handed me an envelope marked “Katie.” I was informed to follow the directions and not to ask any questions.

This envelope was one of five that lead me on a large scavenger hunt that included for me to pack my bags and drive back home to Wilmington. All of the clues led me to the top floor of a hotel on Carolina Beach.

Finley in the car on the way!

Self portrait driving down to get engaged!

Immediately without even opening my last clue, I ran to the balcony and saw Albie sanding in front of “Katie Will You Marry Me” in the sand. I ran down to the first floor only to find there was no easy way to the beach, so I ran all the way around the building and onto the beach where Albie was waiting with a beautiful ring in hand.

The best part about this story, is that me (being me of course) realized when I got the letter telling me to go to Carolina Beach that I would be gone all weekend. So I took out the trash and went to buy a car cell phone charger. After the proposal I thought Albie was going to kill me when he had learned why it took me so long to get down to him! But, that’s me I guess :)

Later that evening we got our most of our families together and all ate dinner.

After the engagement it’s self I think I was most excited by how excited other people were for us! I loved getting the cards and all of the “Best Wishes” & “Congrats”. It was so fun!

So today, 2 years ago I got to finally start to plan my wedding to my Albie. Thanks babe :)


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