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Christmas Eve…

January 13, 2010

Christmas Eve:  The night before Christmas and almost a bigger deal at our house then Christmas Day. This is when we go to Church and make a dinner that we call “Seven Fishes”. The twins typically want to open “just one present” (I finally learned to stop asking) and Albie wants to look at lights.

Mom's Tree with tons of Presents

We started off the day by going to the afternoon mass at Saint Mary’s Catholic Church which is downtown, where we got married.  Didn’t feel the same but its still easily one of the prettiest churches in Wilmington :)

Yes, my mother takes pictures in church. haha

At home after mass we posed for our "Christmas Picture" outside

Then we went inside to pose again

Greg hates when we call this dinner “Seven Fishes” because we really eat 3 different types of crab ( a crustacean), 2 kinds of tuna and then we fill in the rest with other crustaceans and  the kinds of seafoods we like. But this year Albie and I were in charge of helping and we made: Rosemary Lemon Salmon, Seared Sesame Tuna, and we fixed some Cajun shrimp. Mom made the others and they were:  Crab dip, Crabbies, Crab Bisque, and tuna fish sandwiches. All in all a very yummy dinner.

Albie helped cooked dinner

This is our Lemon Rosemary Salmon

Pretty dining room table

Albie and I eating our Seven Fishes

After we ate dinner, Albie drove us all around in Mom’s bus to look at lights. The old neighborhoods that used to be sooo pretty in past years weren’t so we tried new ones and finally our last stop was the best.

Snuggling after looking at lights

Next up, Christmas day! (Our first as a married couple!)

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