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Random Phone Texts…

January 16, 2010
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Albie has had the same phone number for years, probably about 10. So I am honestly still surprised when he gets “wrong numbers” – and he gets them a lot.

Last night, I was almost asleep and I heard his phone buzz with a text. Albie laughed, then proceeded to wake me up to show it to me – so I responded. We then continued to text this person for another 30 minutes because that’s how mature we are. Please see our texts below-

Note: None of the grammar or spelling was changed.

“Amanda”: Hey david, its amanda wanna tell joel to call me pweaseeee

Albie/ Me: Yeah Biatch. holler

“Amanda”:Your so gayy

Albie/ Me: No u

“Amanda”: Did yall win punk?

Albie/Me: A gift card to Arby’s

“Amanda”: Seriously?

Albie (not me): Yeah, I’m about to get my 5 for 5 on.

“Amanda”: huh? haha

Please notice that we never said it was a wrong number. We’re sorry “Amanda” but it was rather late and your texts made no sense. I doubt this is Texts From Last Night quality but it still made us laugh.

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