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Sunday Night…

January 19, 2010
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I couldn’t decided if I was going to blog about what happened on Sunday night but I think I should just to get it off my chest. To start here is some background:

Albie and I bought our little end unit townhouse in July 2008 and love it. Even our neighbors are great. The whole neighborhood is pretty much our age with not many kids and lots of dogs. The neighbors on one side (the end unit next to ours) enjoy wine like I do, just got married this fall and generally answer any and all questions I have about the fireplace, house, neighborhood, pool etc.. They are great. The other neighbor is a single girl, we’ll call her “Pam”, who hasn’t lived in her house too much longer then us but again is super quiet and has the sweetest chocolate lab named Annabell.

Pam had one roommate when we moved in and even she had a sweet cocker spaniel. This roommate moved out in about November and a new roommate moved in mid-December. He didn’t really say much but also had a super sweet 5 year old white Boxer named Caiser.

Sweet dogs are one thing, I have one and love him like a real baby, but poop in your yard is a whole other universe. Especially when the poop does not belong to your own sweet little baby. So naturally when Roommate # 2 moved in with Caiser the poop started multiplying and it wasn’t until I stepped in some that I was mad. So I complained to co-workers and on Facebook, just like a true passive aggressive person would.

Then earlier this week I was out back with Finley and Caiser came busting through my neighbor’s back door and their alarm started going off. Naturally I was completely freaked out. So I take Caiser by the collar and try to figure out what to do with these rather large dogs while I see what happened next door.  About 60 seconds later the alarm stops and this man (roommate #2)  comes stumbling outside and mumbles something like “oh hey. i set off my alarm.” so I answered with ” Is everything is ok?” and he  just kinda stands there. At this point I think he’s being fairly rude so I say something along the lines of “My name is Katie and this is Finley. We live right here.”  And then I stare at this large white, but sweet, dog who is now POOPING in my yard again. He informs me of Caiser’s name and says “I guess I should get a bag or something.” (Uh yeah that’d be great thanx.)

We kind of end there. We do the polite wave anytime we are getting in our cars at the same time but other then that nothing.

So that Brings us to Sunday afternoon. I had worked all weekend and was fairly grumpy (sorry babe, I know I was being not so fun to hang out with) and so I started cleaning. I cleaned things no one ever cleans like the baseboards and the top of the fridge.

It was while I was ever-so-safely standing on the counter and cleaning the top of the fridge (around 1-1:30pm)that I see roommate #2 dude speed into his parking spot and get out looking like he hadn’t showered in days carrying a brown paper bag that looks like an ABC store bag. Being me, I make some not so nice comment to Albie about him and Albie laughs and tells me that it’s pretty often that we too could look like this guy and for me to mind my own business.

So I do… Fast forward to later that night while I was making Albie and Ozzie watch the Golden Globes:

First we see blinking red lights outside the window. We go to the kitchen to look and see the Ambulance pulling up out front at the same time as a fire truck and a few police cars.  I go outside to see if the building is one fire and realize that it’s not and that the EMS workers are running into Pam’s house. I walk 2 steps closer to their open kitchen windows to see the most violent CPR I have ever seen.

All I saw was one EMS worker pumping furiously before they shut the blinds. I ran inside to get Albie and at that point the whole neighborhood had come outside as well.  The neighbor across the street seemed to have seen the same thing I had. We all talked among ourselves and wondered whether it was the Pam or roommate #2. We all mentioned out loud about how odd roommate #2 seemed and other neighbors had stories similar to mine when he was seen stumbling around and not picking up poop.

This was when Pam comes outside and tells us that she’s ok and that she had come home to find roommate #2 laying in the kitchen with blue lips. She tried CPR while calling 911. Obviously she seemed totally shaken up.  She went back in. More police arrive and the fire truck leaves.

Then, EMS workers stopped running and started walking. No one was brought out on a stretcher and no one was rushed to the hospital. He had died.

I still don’t know his name but “Pam” says he was 26 and they still don’t know where his family is. She had met him off craigslist because he needed a room. He took classes at State.

I got questioned by the police well into Sunday night and gather that I was last one to see him alive. Speaking to Pam’s sister the next day, they think that he died of some combination of drugs and alcohol.  Pam has now taken both Annabell and Caiser out of town for a few days, but I don’t think I have ever hugged a dog so hard as I did when Caiser was outside on Monday morning.

No other news out of the events of Sunday night yet. And even though no one really knew him it’s still very sad. Sorry for the long wordy post. I will be back to posting more upbeat things as soon as I catch up on the paperwork from my big weekend at work.

Caiser greets me from his kitchen window everyday

Update 1/21: His obituary was in the paper today. It says he graduated from State about the same time as me and grew up in Raleigh. His parents are having a funeral this Saturday and Caiser is up for adoption.

Update 1/27: Caiser was adopted by his original “Mama” and he is thrilled to be with her.

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  1. Becky permalink
    January 20, 2010 9:26 am

    katie, that is awful and super scary. i’m sorry you had to go through that and that kaiser is now daddy-less. thank goodness pam is there to take care of him. :(

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