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Christmas Day…

January 21, 2010

Christmas day was now almost a month ago but I wanted to get some pictures up.

We split the day into 4 different Christmases

  • My Mom’s

Mom & Finley

Albie & I with our giant pile

Anna with her loot

Greg's bed head is almost as impressive as his pile of gifts

I officially have the best husband in the world :)

Finally my new coat I have wanted for YEARS! Thanks Mom!

  • Albie’s Mom’s:

Tracy and Finley passing out gifts

Finley likes to crawl under the coffee table to beg from people on the other side

Albie thought he was being hilarious with these balloons that scream as they buzz around the room

Finley was terrified of the balloon and spent most of the morning running away from them.

  • Albie’s Cousin’s

Summer with Kourtney & Kylie opening presents

Still opening presents - these girls lucked out!

Kourtney playing with one of her new favorite toys. She didn't even want to open more!

My poor little guy couldn't even keep his eyes open despite the noise and excitement

  • My Dad’s

    Greg and Finley by the fire

    Dad proudly displaying my new garden flag pole and one of my new flags

    Dad setting up to "grill" dinner by the fire

    yummy shish kabobs "grilling" in front of the fire place. Very creative Dad.

    Not too many stories  to go with the Christmasy pictures. I hope your families were as spoiled as our families were. It’s a fun time of year and I miss it already.

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