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New Year’s Eve…

January 23, 2010

I ended 2009 with a great day: started with a massage then drove to Wilmington to see Albie. Went to a yummy dinner at Macaroni Grill before a fun party at Wendy’s.

Albie & I at dinner

Dinner was super yummy, and I ordered what I always order (make your own pasta: penne with arrabiata sauce and entirely too much focaccia bread.) And of course, no dinner to Macaroni Grill would be complete with out coloring on the table.  (I will leave off the pictures of the other side of the table’s very crude drawings. )

I drew our house on the table cloth

I love fresh new crayons and their creative names

Everyone at dinner

After dinner we all headed back to Wendy’s cute house where she hosted our New Year’s party for the night…

Ozzie and Albie live the High Life

Wendy's stocked Fridge

Wendy and I

Jackson & Cyrus

Someone brought out the old school elementary school year books and while they were all looking at what cool 4th graders they were, I had them flip back to the 3rd graders. First full row, second picture from the left: little Katie Anthony.  Most of the people at the party had all gone to the same elementary school, except for a few too cool beach kids.

Then and Now

Becca's "friendship" shots

No ball to watch this year - we just watched a car jump onto a barge. Happy 2010.

Wendy reminded Trey of his past drunk escapdes via pictures

Everyone appreciates and loves a good DD - "YAY! Greg's here!"

Greg and I

Somewhere in between all these pictures I fell asleep on the couch, cause that’s how I roll, so we went home and headed back to Raleigh a few days later. Happy 2010 everyone!

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