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Aid in the Kitchen…

January 25, 2010

Cooking and baking are pretty new to me. I used to help with basic things and I think I can make a mean box of mac & cheese but for the most part I am still learning. Learning not only how and what to cook, what tastes good together, how to “eyeball it” and when something is “done” but also what all the kitchen gadgets are for. Once I figure out what they are all for I want to use them more often…

One of the things that I am trying learn more about and use more often is my Kitchen Aid stand mixer:

I asked for it one Christmas while I was still in college and really had no need for it then but I wanted it. So Albie complained every time  he would help me move because it’s certainly not light and I wasn’t using it.  Once we moved into this house I made it’s home under the sink so I was more likely to get it out and use it (vs on top of the fridge aka where things go to die).

I have been so good about using it: I made focaccia bread (um twice but only because the batch was AWFUL!)  cake batters, icing, cookie doughs, and other yummy treats. But I have always had this issue about getting everything mixed in and off the sides.

For those of you who have a KitchenAid mixer you know there is a black hole at the bottom of the bowl that never gets fully mixed in unless you stop, scrap around the sides and bottom with your own spatula and then start mixing again. But I learned about this AWESOME new attachment for it that I used for the first time the other night to make cookies.

The actual product that is out there is called the Beater Blade and it is so handy! It’s designed to scrape the sides and the bottom while mixing. Mine is from Williams & Sonoma so it’s a different brand but it worked soooo well.

You can even see how it scrapped the sides to get all the yummy doughiness off the sides. One downside is that there is less to eat off of the bowl when you are done baking, but I think it may be worth it :)

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