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Nicholas Sparks…

January 26, 2010

This is what I have been doing lately… reading. Nicholas Sparks and lots of it.

After I finished the Twilight Saga in about 5 days I got the recommendation to read Nicholas Sparks’ books. I know that I am totally late on this bandwagon but that’s ok because they are all soo sweet!

NOTE: Also can we say YAY (!) to the Wake County Library? They have been so awesome! Now that everything is on-line and automated I can reserve books, have them sent and held at various branches and renew all on line. I don’t remember the library being this easy to use in the past, but it’s great!

Just so you know how much time I have spent reading in the past 2 months I am listing all of his books and the year they were originally published below:

1996 – The Notebook  – READ

1998 – Message in a Bottle – READ

1999 – A Walk to Remember – READ

2000 – The Rescue

2001 – A Bend in the Road – READ

2002 – Nights in Rodanthe – CURRENTLY READING

2003 – The Guardian – READ

2004 – The Wedding – READ

2004 – Three Weeks with my Brother

2005 – True Believer – READ

2005 – At First Sight – ALREADY CHECKED OUT, UP NEXT

2006 – Dear John – READ

2007 – The Choice – READ

2008 – The Lucky One – READ

2009 – The Last Song – READ

I have to admit that one of the reasons I started to read all of these was because sooo many of them are movies and I am a big believer in reading the books before the movies. So yes, I am of the tiniest female population that has not seen The Notebook and A Walk to Remember.  And although Albie isn’t so excited, I am pumped for Dear John and The Last Song ( Even though Miley Cyrus drives me nuts) that come out this year.

I also love that all of his books take place around coastal North Carolina. Most are even in Wilmington! He writes about things and places I know and I think it helps me visualize the story’s details.

So far I really have enjoyed reading all of his books. They start to get a little predictable and if I read them back to back I can see how they can run together. My favorite might be Message in a Bottle and The Wedding because their endings surprised me so much and both made me cry like a baby. Dear John and Last Song are his most recent and they would also have to be up there in my favorites.

I do miss reading book series though… Harry Potter is a tough act to beat but Twilight was good, and although not a series the Nicholas Sparks books are good. Any recommendations for good books?


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