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Sookie Stackhouse…

February 12, 2010

The Sookie Stackhouse books by Charline Harris are so super good! I had gotten into Nicholas Sparks pretty quickly after I finished the Twilight saga in record time so I had a bunch of people recommend for me to read whats called the “Southern Vampire Mysteries” and I love them!

They are a pretty quick read and are much more about “vampires” than Twilight so it does get pretty descriptive and a tad bit on the “TMI” side of things every so often but I have really enjoyed them. Enjoyed them so much that I read all 9 within a week (A WEEK!) and will anxiously await the 10th book that wont be out until May.

These books are also the basis of the Show True Blood on HBO. I am making Albie watch them with me and he is very slow to get into them and he laughs about half the time at their fake southern accents and deep eye starring between Sookie and Bill. So far they are slower than the books and there are definite differences, not sure they will move the same direction as the books (which is sad) but still enjoyable. I will tell you that if the books make you squirm even a little then the show may not be for you, it really doesn’t leave much to the imagination .

I think since I am on such a reading kick, I am going to look into the Emily Griffin books next – something a little bit more up beat :)

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