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February 17, 2010
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For lent this year I am giving up Facebook.

Okay,  I’m not giving it up entirely but I am going to make my self NOT check it while I am work. Most people have this site blocked at work anyway and it’s probably because nothing gets done when Facebook is accessible.

I have also had issues with the way that nothing is private on Facebook, everything you say or type is seen by others. I know I have a blog and that’s really out there for anyone to stumble upon but people use facebook in a way that can sometimes not be very bright and sometimes hurtful. (I also hate the new layout but that’s besides the point.) This is my first break from Facebook since I joined 6 years ago…

So, dear Facebook friends, I will see you April 4th – until then you can visit me here or use the (gasp) phone or (gasp) email me.


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