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Oscar Show Rundown…

March 8, 2010
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In addition to our Oscar dinner menu and my thoughts on the red carpet, I wanted to do one final post about the actual show and award winners.

First, I loved Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin! I thought they were so funny and played off each other really well: (although I did miss Hugh Jackman)

Looking for James Cameron

Hosts back stage in their snuggie

I was also in love with the John Hughes tribute. I own a good chunk  of his movies and think the world of his style of directing and the thought that he put into them.  I was so sad to hear that he died this year and I think it was super nice for everyone to honor him at the Oscars.

I also though Ben Stiller was hilarious made out to be an Avatar character for his presentation of the Best Make Up award:

I did NOT like the Best Costume award. Albie and I always make fun of the fact that no matter what else is nominated in this category, if there is anything Victorian – the Victorian ALWAYS wins. I don’t even like the Victorian era. Why not let CoCo avant Chanel win? That was actually about designing clothes… Besides the fact the person who won this year, Sandy Powell, was a complete snob about winning. She made some reference to how she already has 2 Oscars and how she will dedicate to the costume designers who do modern movies but don’t get recognized but that she’s going to keep it and take it home. Ok, we get it you won a few times before, you should still be genuinely thankful because if I had voted I would have said no to your non-imaginative costumes.

Sandy Powell leaving the stage after her dreadful speech

So yes, I stayed up to Midnight to watch the commercials that paid to be on during the Oscars and I am exhausted today but I am also so thankful that Avatar didn’t sweep. Not only would that have been boring to watch but it also wouldn’t have been deserved. I think the appropriate awards were handed out to deserving people (excluding costumes of course). HERE is a full list of the winners in case you missed any of it.

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