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Living Room…

March 9, 2010

Like I mentioned in one of my Birthday Posts, Albie and I decided to work on completing our living room as my big birthday gift. Technically I said that we would actually FINISH A ROOM, but that didn’t happen because I can’t find an entertainment center I like and I can’t find the accent chairs that I want.

But we did buy a rug, curtains, and small accessories. Until we find the missing pieces of furniture I am going to declare this room done for the time being.

Here is our “BEFORE“, complete with the red curtains that came with the house:

And, here is our “AFTER” -yay!

Okay, Okay so it’s not some drastic room make-over like on my favorite house blog Young House Love but it’s a start and it’s much more welcoming and cozy!

I am still kind of unsure of what took us so long to move toward a good direction but I know this room was a work in progress: The couch was our first piece of furniture and was a graduation gift from my mom, End tables were a group wedding gift, Coffee table was a wedding gift from my Dad that I didn’t cash in until this fall, and the TV was a “we are sick of this crappy TV so lets go overboard and buy this big one” kind of purchase. The gentle coating of dog hair is courtesy of Finley and is available year round.

Actually, Here is a picture of Finley rubbing his sent into the new rug the day we laid it out:

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  1. Becky permalink
    March 9, 2010 12:51 pm

    that rug looks exactly like the one on our target wedding registry. it looks great!!


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