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Albie’s Car…

March 10, 2010
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Albie’s car is 18 years old. As in, it was manufactured in 1992.

Not that I am hating on his little car. It really really is a great car. It’s cute and blue, holds tailgating supplies plus friends for football Saturdays like a champ, gets great gas mileage, and has a sunroof.

But, it’s time to move forward and for him to get something he wants. Something that is fun to drive and will easily pass an inspection without spending a Sunday afternoon sweating underneath it.

So this past weekend we started our search for the next car and today we got pre-approved by the bank. We’re Ready. Or should I say that I’m ready?

How do I help this boy part with his dearly beloved little Civic? We are talking about someone who gets new shoes only once they have holes in the bottom. Albie is loyal, to a fault.

Wish us luck on the car search. We have three kinds in mind: all tiny and quick and possibly lacking a permanent roof.


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