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Bachelorette Weekend Wear…

March 18, 2010

Fashion: I used to LOVE it. I still like it. But let’s be honest, what I know about fashion comes from J Crew and Ann Taylor Loft. (If I can’t wear it to work then why waste the money?)

So you can understand my certain level of  panic when I realized I’ll have to dress my self semi-cutely for a bachelorette trip this weekend.  I am going on this trip with about 12 ex-sorority girls . Something tells me my boot-cut cords and monotone turtle necks wont fly, no?

The temperature will be in the mid 60’s during the day and high 30’s at night. Friday night is “Jeans + Cute top” to go to some casual places. (So I think I am all set here, but God knows I’ll pack about 4 “cute tops” then bother everyone for their opinion) Saturday day is casual with plans to do walking ( Oh I can DO casual. This is talking my language), and Saturday night is “ALL BLACK” but cute. Saturday night is what has me cowering fashion blogs and’s “Star Tracks” for inspiration.

So I am thinking of wearing the black dress that I got for my night outfor my bachelorette that is kind of itty bitty but has long sleeves (oxymoron I know). So now I get to panic about my legs: I’m thinking Black Tights.

I have worn tights to work with some boring skirts and I always pair them with my danskos which gets me looking a bit like Meg Ryan in You’ve got mail:

But I also have the feeling that I am the only married girl on this weekend away but I really don’t think I need to dress like it! So I guess what I would like to look like is:

And maybe for another time a little like this:

Ahh when did I loose my ability to dress like a cute mid-20’s girl?? I’ll be sure to report back…

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  1. March 19, 2010 10:52 am

    You’re overthinking. Your going to Asheville, so if you want to attract guys:
    * Don’t shower for a month (covered)

  2. March 19, 2010 10:54 am

    * Don’t shave your armpits or legs (half-way there)
    * Pack a few loose fitting smocks with flower prints (shouldn’t be expensive)
    * Don’t wear a bra of any kind (shouldn’t be too difficult)

    See that wasn’t that hard.

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