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March 24, 2010

I am joining the rest of the adult world and will begin to complain about allergies now. You’re Welcome!

I am not as cute with my allergies as the Nasonex Bee.

It was just over a week ago I thought I was dying from a cold. But since then I have developed a very sleek, deep, manly (and oh-so sexy) cough that interrupts my breathing, sleeping, eating and living. Even the coaches here at work, who deal with large football players on a daily basis and tend to ignore the sniffles, have asked me to kindly please see a doctor about my constant hacking.

So yesterday I obliged and found a regular “family practice” kind of doctor that I can start going to for my normal poor immune system check ups. But I totally did not expect the doctor to tell me that I have run of the mill allergies. Really? That’s why I have felt like I should stock up on my life insurance in case of death? Thanks a lot Spring!

He prescribed a generic form of Allegra and another generic pill to help my cough and emailed them over to my parmnacy. When I went to pick them up however they said that my insurance had denied the generic allegra! What?? Did you not hear my hacking and sneezing while I waited in line? Please hook a gurl up I need these drugs and stat.

Nope. After lots of phone calls today I am still denied. I have perfectly good State health insurance and have been mostly healthy my whole life but apparently in these circumstance that has hurt me. Apparently because I haven’t been sick before they don’t want to pay for drugs that may or may not work.

I am faced with getting either Claritin OTC or Zyretc OTC now. Any suggestions? I would like to not be drowsy and for me not become reliant on this every time the seasons change.

Didn’t mean to have a health insurance rant the same week as all of the health care hoopla is passing in Washington so this was not meant as a political post. Sorry!

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  1. Mary Clare permalink
    March 24, 2010 12:02 pm

    Claritan actually works for the entire 24 hours where as Zyrtec only works for 12 but you can only take 1 pill in the 24 hour cycle. ( I know it doesn’t make any sense. In reality you might actually build up an immunity to both and have to switch between the 2. That actually happen to me, so you would be shocked when I found myself at the doctors sick as a dog only to find out that my issue was still allergies I just needed to switch up the medication. So now I alternate about every 3 weeks or so. There is a generic form of Zyrtec, but I can’t remember the name. I know they have it at costco and a years supply is about the same supply of 3 months of zyrtec. Has the exact same chemical formulation just different name.

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