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Almost a year later…

March 28, 2010

This time last year I was driving my busy little self between bridal showers/ fittings/ errands etc between Wilmington and here (a nice little 2 hour jaunt down I-40). I was going about every weekend for one thing or another and at one point Albie started opting out of the quick trips to Wilmington.

So it was almost a year a go to the day that I was on my way back to Raleigh from one weekend in Wilmington, I had the music up, the windows down and was flying driving exactly the speed limit down that green tunnel they call an interstate when a deer came across 6 (SIX!!) lanes of traffic about 20 minutes from home and hit my driver side of the car in broad daylight.

No kidding. The deer’s head hit my partially down window and her body hit the rest of my side of the car. Being that I was in the middle lane and screaming like a banchie it’s amazing that I didn’t get in another wreck on my way to the side of the road, where I sat for 45 minutes before ANYONE came to help me.

I called 911 and it took the cop 45 freaking minutes to come help me. Only one man stopped to see if I was ok but again that was 45 minutes after the deer hit me. Poor Albie was all the way at our house and came as fast as he could but it still took him that whole time to get to me.

I was fine, but my car ended up being totaled because the frame  got bent and the deer died on impact.

I tell you this story because yesterday, almost exactly a year after my accident, in broad daylight while Albie was in Wilmington by him self to see some friends, he hit a deer. seriously.

What is the world trying to do to us? We were both luckily fine and even Albie’s car is ok but do we need to adorn our cars with those handy deer whistle things that deter deer from committing assisted suicide?

Save a deer? uh no thanks, more like save me??

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  1. March 29, 2010 12:29 pm

    I love the “MAY prevent car-deer collisions”. If a noisy road isn’t going to scare off deer, what makes you think a “silent” whistle will?

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