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Patios and Porches…

April 1, 2010

In the spring & summer (and even into the early fall) we love sitting outside, drinking a little too much, and watching Finley roll in the grass.

Theoretically we would be doing this on a fabulous porch of some kind:

But at the moment we have no porches,  front, back, side, wrap around, or otherwise. But we have a patio!

It’s not much, and the only seating is stolen borrowed from my Mom’s house and can only accommodate the two of us. We have a grill and some nice weeds took root in the dirt left over from the plants that died this winter. Finley has a steak in the group that lets him wander around and roll in the grass.

But we still aren’t huge fans of our outdoor living area. The actual patio was extended by the previous home owners as a weekend DIY project and although we loved it at first sight, now (almost 2 years later) we aren’t so in love. The ground has settled and little green weeds like to poke up through the tiles:

We want a table of some kind with more chairs, more space, and a roof. Basically? We want a porch.

sigh… one day…

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