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April 8, 2010

We will have been in our house for two years this July and  I don’t think I have ever done more then “fluff” the existing mulch/ dead leaves to make it look a little more alive and fancy.

This year I decided to go all out and actually spruce up the mulch around the house and I think it made a huge difference!

  • Side Yard



  • Front Yard



I kind of tackled this project by my self and didn’t realize how much effort and work it would take! I also had no clue how MUCH to buy! After 3 trip to the hardware store I think I finally got it all covered.

Note to Self: Next year you need 2 LARGE bags for the front alone, not 4 small  bags total for the whole yard.

I also tried something new. (Ok, so possibly I didn’t know I was trying something new until I got home but this was my first time so I have an excuse!)

Yep. I bought the recycled rubber mulch. It’s supposed to last with that deep brown color for 15 years and it’s way better for the environment. So far it has looked really nice and it was easy to spread out since it’s not dirty.

I did however totally underestimate how much was needed. I also didn’t realize how bad some of our gardens looked. So I got 3 bags for the side of the house, 1 for the back and then I cheeped out (Sorry Environment)  and went with the wayyyy more economical down-home mulch for the front yard. I bought 2 huge bags (seriously, one had to ride shotgun with me in the new car since the other took up the trunk!) and used it heavily so I wouldn’t have to work that hard on it again soon.

It was definitely a learning process that I wasn’t expecting.

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