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Bachelorette Weekend Recap Part 2…

April 9, 2010

After a full Saturday, we went back to the hotel to host a little lingerie shower for Ashley before we out to dinner and then out for the night.

Ashley the Bride-to-Be!

Ashley’s wedding is going to be in Myrtle Beach later this month and I am so excited to go! I know Ashley from working in the Football office when we were students. Mary Clare, Ashley and I have remained good friends and I believe starting with MC’s 21st birthday we started taking these Wolfpack pictures whenever we are together (I have a ton of them!)

MC's 21st Birthday, February 2007

Tailgating at the USC football game August 2008. Go Wolfpack!

At my wedding, May 2009!

Finally, Us at Ashley's Bachelorette, March 2010!

Y’all will remember Saturday night was the night I was worried about what to wear and luckily it was fairly warm so I wore my black dress and a new pair of black heels that I got that morning at J Crew.

After dinner we headed out to a few bars for some dancing and drinks. The first bar was fun but we were the only ones dancing and the DJ didn’t really seem to know what music mixes well so we moved on to another bar that ended up having a great band.

Who is the dude in the back you may ask? I have no clue. But thanks for jumping in the pic buddy!

I had a great time in Asheville and getting to know more of Ashley’s friends. Albie and i are really looking forward to the wedding! Congrats Ashley!

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