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Cranford-King Wedding Weekend Part 2…

April 28, 2010

After the beautiful (also short & sweet) ceremony, we headed inside to the reception:

Ashley's beautiful bridal portrait

Great idea for a guest book!

Pretty, Pretty Wedding cake

How pretty was this reception location??

Their wedding reception was so pretty (and FUN!) but the food was also delicious! There were stations all over the venue so as not to have backlogged lines of people (one of my many wedding pet peeves). There was So much food!! They had passed appetizers: Ham Biscuits, Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Meat Balls. Then there were the actual food stations: Pasta Bar, Salad Bar, Crab claws, shrimp, oysters, a station I didn’t even get to, a carving station, and a stir fry station. omg, the food. oh the food. If I didn’t have my many glasses of Pinot Grigio to wash it down I would have needed another nap!

One of the many yummy food Stations

Ashley and Thomas were very good hosts and their pictures were quick so their guests didn’t have to wait too long (like at mine! whoops!)

Albie and I at the Reception

Introducing Mr & Mrs King!

First Dance

Dancing and watching their slide shows of them as little kids

Ashley and her Dad

After their traditional first dances they started mingling and luckily I grabbed the bride lost on the way to her table so I was able to steal her to take some pictures with me before I got all “I-drank-wine-and-danced-at-a-wedding-for-HOURS” sweaty (don’t worry it’s documented later)

Wolfie signs at a wedding are totally necessary (Me, Ashley and Natalie)

The Kings!

Some of the girls from the Bachelorette Weekend

Then it was time to cut the cake and do the garter/bouquet toss!

They were not nice!

Garter Toss

Thomas' sister giving him a gift

The garter ended up going to Thomas’  Sister’s boyfriend and Ashley’s bouquet went to one of her good Friends Amanda. But after all of the traditional wedding business was done, we started dancing. Unfortunately for everyone else at the wedding, Albie and I think we have moves although we don’t. Add some liquid courage to the mix and we don’t leave the dance floor except for a quick shoe change or wine refill.

The after wedding glow, is not so pretty

But, we had a great time and really enjoyed seeing friends and we wish Ashley and Thomas the best! So after more dancing and last call, we went out to send them on their way!

Sign on the back of their getaway golf cart

Lucky for us, the wedding was held on the hotel grounds so once we got back to the room we relaxed for a little bit before heading down to the hot tub where we of course chatted up an older couple from Chattanooga, TN and gave them everything from advice for their junior in College son,  travel tips for visiting Graceland and where we got to talk football for just a bit. After realizing we grabbed my license instead of the room key (remember: lots of wine/beer had been consumed) we were able to get let into our room where I think I was so exhausted I fell asleep in my contacts.

View of the pool and the harbor from our room

But the next morning we were up and ready to head back to Wilmington where Albie officially sold his little blue car to a buddy and we picked up my frozen top tier of our wedding cake and my brother before heading back to Raleigh.

Greg and Finley being great travel buddies in the back seat

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  1. Becky permalink
    April 28, 2010 8:56 am

    Of all the pictures, my favorite is of Finley and his handsome smile!

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