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Paper Snob…

May 13, 2010

I admit it, not only am I a paper snob but I have a slight addiction to buying my self fancy stationery.

After a post by one of my favorite blogs, According to Nina, on when it is ok to go paperless got me thinking about my own Stationery collection:

I love good thick paper, interestingly lined envelopes and raised pretty fonts. I like the note card to feel like I picked it especially for the receiver and that by me writing them a note, that I took the time, money and good stationery out of the box to show my appreciation.

This was my first real personalized stationery that I remember receiving as a gift. I believe I got it as a birthday gift in eighth grade and used it to write longer notes since it’s a fuller sheet of paper. It’s pretty casual but it comes with a matching envelope so I still love it all these years later:

I also received this Crane stationery as a gift at one point, and I still love it for the same reason as the blue above. Full sized paper just lets you say so much more!

These are my Thank You notes that I used after the wedding. I have soo many of them because they were actually a really simple Target purchase. Right as the wedding was coming upon me I realized all my stationery said my maiden name, or was all about “Katie” so I bought these to have on hand until I updated my monogram. I still use these for Christmas gifts and Albie has used them too since they can be gender neutral:

Right after the wedding I went into Swoozie’s one day and kind of went crazy. I wanted new stationery with my new name. They used to have a great pile of cute note cards that they would personalize for only 5 bucks so of course I got a few:

And then, over the Fall, I broke down and finally got a correspondence set of good stationery (purchased at Swoozie’s but made by Embossed Graphics). This set includes 2 different sized flat cards with my navy blue monogram on top, and then gift enclosure cards (which I love!) along with their matching envelopes:

Then this is my just for fun Stationery after we were married and bought the house:

Over all I would say that I like to use the flat note cards more so then the folded cards. I also opt for personalized stationery over the general “Thank You” because it adds a bit something extra.

My favorite stationery companies are Crane and William & Arthur but my “family” note card above is by DesignHer Gals and some of their proceeds go to support Breast cancer research. Another great resource for great stationery and fine paper needs  is and I can’t wait to have a reason to buy from Ashley Brooke Designs.

I love to give stationery as gifts, and on top of note cards I have an extensive collection of personalized note pads. This isn’t all of my stationery, and I am always heart broken when I use the last card of a set so I have a feeling while some girls buy endless amounts of shoes, purses or watches, I’ll just buy stationery.

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