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Watching Things Grow…

May 16, 2010

Around the perimeter of our patio we have these plants that have grown back every year. They take absolutely no effort on my behalf other than making sure to remove the dead leaves to keep them looking spruced up!

Look how fast they grow!

On March 23rd

On March 30th

April 7th

What are they called? Can I move them if I wanted to?

Also, Look at how much my patio has changed lately:

Our Patio back at the end of March

Our Patio at the beginning of May

I by no means have what’s considered a “Green Thumb” but it’s not black either. I enjoy watching things grow and hope for a better yard/ growing area one day. I would also love for this sucker to explode and take over a part of a porch or fence one day, for now he’s just starting out:

My Jasmine that I am trying not to kill

Any gardening tips? Potted or otherwise? Any favorite plants that you couldn’t kill if you wanted to and seem to grow in rocks or clay mud?

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  1. Megan permalink
    May 16, 2010 1:54 pm

    Those are hostas – one of my favorite plants! They come in a million varieties. Yes you can move them, or you can even split them in half. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, every year they come back about twice as big, so splitting them is healthy. They do grow fast – I used to love watching them start out, looks like asparagus almost!

    Some super easy plants you might want to consider are lillies (they are another kind of plant that grows back bigger every year, and you can split off – so you get double your investment!), vinca (pretty vine shutes that get adorable purple flowers, and that stuff takes off like crazy), and monkey grass (no it’s not fancy, but I think it looks so pretty in a row while surrounded by new mulch… and it’s also one you can split off to “double” your plants in another part of your yard.)

    If you’re wanting some quick color that will really take off, get a couple of wave petunias. They don’t come back every year, but they are SO pretty and the color really pops.

    Let me know if you and Albie ever need a hand! I miss having a yard, I was getting pretty good at it :)

  2. Becky permalink
    May 17, 2010 8:52 am

    Ah, Megan beat me to it. Yes, those are hostas and everything she said is what I would’ve said! As far as the jasmine goes, keep at it. Continue stringing it up your trellis. Mine blooms twice a year – right now and usually around September. In the winter, it looks dead, but it’s not – it’s just dormant. Good luck with it all!

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