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Anniversary Trip: Marathon Part 1…

May 26, 2010

We woke up bright and early (Actually it was so early it was still dark so I don’t know where that saying came from) on Saturday morning and headed down 95 for what felt like 12 years. In reality it took us no more than 14 hours to get allllll the way down to Marathon from Raleigh. Finley and I stayed awake the whole time and we only stopped for gas and food 3 times!

Needless to say I was beyond pumped to see this sign in front a beautiful sunset over the Gulf of Mexico:

We checked into our hotel and promptly found somewhere to eat dinner on the water; Sparky’s Landing.

Sunday morning started with a trip to the Wooden Spoon for breakfast before going on a tour of the local Turtle Hospital:

Note: I loved this part of the trip so much a more detailed post is to come later today!

Lunch was at the Seven Mile Grill where we hid from the pop-up rain shower by enjoying some mid-afternoon cocktails and some peal’ n’ eat shrimp:

Once the rain let up enough, we visited the Crane Point Hammock State Park and Museum:

Inside the Museum

On our way out the door to see the park the woman behind the counter said “Happy Hiking” and smiled at me. I thought “psht.. yeah right, I wouldn’t have picked an activity called hiking on my vacation.”  Uh, yes I did. It got hot. and I got crabby. But at least it was pretty…

Original House of the settlers of Crane Point

Bird Hospital located on site

Albie thinks he is funny. Humor him.

After a full day out around Marathon we decided to stay at the hotel and relax for the rest of the night. Finley was thrilled with this idea:

Then Albie decided to try out the canoes on property:

Great idea babe. This ended up going, er, swimmingly:

And with that, we were onto our second full day of the trip…

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