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Anniversary Trip: Marathon 2…

May 27, 2010

Monday of our trip was dedicated to us renting a boat. Rain or shine, that boat was pre-paid for so we packed up our sandwiches, lathered up the SPF and hit the marina.

Captain Finley

Captain Albie

We headed out into the Atlantic Ocean to get to some shallow dive spots that we had researched but unfortunately the water was too choppy. Our little boat was no match and Albie made the wise decision to turn around so we could putter around the Gulf of Mexico instead.

We still got to go out and we did some swimming but our snorkel gear was un-needed as there was not much to look at.

After a full day out on the boat we grabbed dinner at the Key’s Fisheries Market and Marina:

View of the Marina from our table

Little kitty at the restaurant

Cute Crab on the docks

One of the interestingly sad things about our trip was the timing. We were a day late for Snow Crab season and about 3 months early for lobster season.  All along the highway and stacked up taller then me were lobster traps. They were EVERYWHERE! They were pretty accessible and Albie showed me how they work, I was mostly just bummed I couldn’t eat any fresh off the boat lobster so I don’t even think I was listening

They put food in the box, the lobster crawls in and gets stuck then they bring them ashore to become food for me. Right?

Tuesday we woke up with a plan to snorkel the actual spot we traveled to the Keys to see before heading down to Key West…

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