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Wedding Etiquette…

May 27, 2010

I may be old fashioned on this but I think it needs to be said… Every Bride needs this book.

My Matron of Honor recieved this book when she was planning her wedding. When I got engaged she purchased me one as well. The next close friend of mine to get engaged will also be recieving this.

This is not a way to be rude, and force old stuffy “rules” onto someone else; rather this is the gift of wisdom.

Frequently I find my self scrutinizing not only the invitations that come in the mail, but the wording, the length of time before the event I received it and how it was addressed. Call me tacky or a snob or whatever, but these are things that a lot of people notice.  A week and a half is not enough time for someone to clear their weekend and run off 3 hours. A thank you note should more personal than “thank you for x y z” and if you use a label or printer on my envelope I will look twice.

This book taught me so much about not only wedding etiquette: who should and should not host showers, appropriate gifts, thank you note wording, seating arrangements, etc. But a lot of the points that I took from this book and from others like it carry through to a lot of life’s events.

Editing to add that Bridesmaids need this book:

Wedding Etiquette is a touchy subject but sometimes people just need to be told things, and letting a book do the talking just may be the trick!

How do you handle bad etiquette? Not even just the big things like wedding invitations, RSVPing and big events, but texting while you are talking to someone, eating before everyone has their food, and other daily etiquette problems? Am I alone in my old school thoughts?

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  1. Becky permalink
    May 27, 2010 10:06 am

    uh-oh! please be sure to let me know if i’m using poor etiquette throughout this process! we’ve tried really hard to follow all the “rules”!

  2. May 27, 2010 2:55 pm

    Katie, I absolutely agree. I received the original Etiquette book by Emily Post for Christmas several years ago and people made fun of me for being so excited, but it definitely makes a difference. I also have “The Bridesmaid Guide” book and it’s also very helpful in knowing how to be a good bridesmaid.

    Hope all’s well :) Happy late 1st anniversary!

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