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Anniversary Trip: Marathon 3…

May 28, 2010

Tuesday was our last day in Marathon  so before I jump into our snorkeling pictures here is a brief glimpse into our hotel.

We stayed at the Gulf View Waterfront Resort. Although the property was nice and I knew, kind of, what I was expecting – I was still disappointed.  Our room faced the highway and no matter how beautiful the landscaping is, we were still facing the highway. Our Air Conditioner was actually louder than the highway so that could be viewed as a plus or a minus, and then there were the beautiful but LOUD Macaws outside. Our room was clean, and if you could stand the noise, it was kept cool. We had a mini fridge which was essential because I needed a good dose of wine to sleep through the night.

There were a lot of animals on property which is probably why is pet friendly and Finley enjoyed meeting each and every one of them:

One of the best things about being on vacation and accidentally picking a dud of a hotel is that you aren’t in the room very much:

To make up for our missed snorkeling opportunity from Monday, We found a company that charters out directly to Sombrero Reef for a cool $30 a person (an amazing deal compared to the boat rental)  so Albie and I booked it and grabbed our underwater cameras to spend the morning snorkeling. We are nerds after all…

Let me just tell you – I do not have a fancy camera, I did not edit these pictures in anyway. The water really was that amazing. I have at least 20 pictures of the water alone, I might paint a room this color one day because I loved it that much.

But now to go underwater… In all we saw: Parrot Fishes, 1 Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Angel Fishes, Sargent Majors, Barracudas,  and some Lookdowns along with a TON we didn’t know the names of.

The picture above has a parrot fish towards the bottom. Once we got away from the rest of the people on the boat it was so quiet that I could hear this guy eating off the coral. It was so weird and cool.

Look it's a LOBSTER!

One of my favorite things about snorkeling at this reef was the ability to float in what felt like hundreds of schools of fish:

Despite being exhausted after a morning of snorkeling we packed up and scooted out of town to get to Key West before Sunset …

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  1. May 28, 2010 11:00 pm

    I love all the photos! Captain Finely is adorable! Glad he didn’t tip this boat over!!

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