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Anniversary Trip: Lower Keys …

May 29, 2010

After a few days in Marathon we re-loaded the car and made our way down to the Big Pine Key and finally Key West but to get there we had to cross the Seven Mile Bridge:

Pigeon Key

We stopped along the way to eat at No Name Pub on No Name Key, “A nice place if you can find it”:

One of the things this restaurant is famous for is the decor. I knew about the decor and was till shocked by it’s magnitude…

Those are dollar bills. EVERYWHERE. Seriously, they hung from the ceiling, crawled up walls, and each one is signed and dated. So what did we do? We made one too!

There it is! Hanging there near the back right off the corner of a display box to visit when we go back one day.

On our way out of No Name Key and back onto Big Pine Key we came across one of the famous “Key Deer” and stopped to take her picture. They are endangered so they are super protected and really tiny but seem to be friendly.

Then right as we were pulling into Key West we got stuck behind this guy:

HA! If you look at it larger, you’ll see their plate says Griswold, and they clearly know how to have a great family Vacation!

After our exhausting day of snorkeling, lunching and more driving I was thrilled to pull up to our hotel in Key West, Old Town Manor:

Seriously, how cute was our hotel?? We LOVED it! Our concierge was the best, the location was great, and we can’t wait to hopefully stay there again!

Before we could head out for the sunset and our first night in Key West though, somebody needed a nap:

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