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Anniversary Trip: Key West 1 …

May 30, 2010

When asked when we got back “What was your favorite part of the trip?” Our answer was Key West!

Albie had kind of been dreading this part of the trip, and was building up how commercialized this Key was compared to the others. And it was, but to me it was in a good way.

We stayed in Old Town which had worked out perfectly. Right off of Duval Street and only a few blocks from the touristy places. We rented bikes to get around better and used a printable map to help guide us around the island.

Our first night in Key West we went over to Mallory Square to attend the nightly Sunset Celebration. Unfortunately there were quite a few clouds and the sunset wasn’t as amazing as we were hoping. Still a great time with interesting street performers:

After the sun went down we ate at the Hog’s Breath Saloon. Not sure I would go back for the food, but it looked like a great bar.

Thursday was our full day to experience Key West so I had things pretty packed. It did rain so our bike rentals, while efficient, got us totally soaked. Breakfast that morning was Crepes at Banana Cafe:

After breakfast we spent part of our rainy morning touring Hemingway’s House:

All of Hemingway's Wives throughout the years

Our tour guide pointing out Hemingway's portraits that spanned his life

And of course no trip to Hemingway’s house without seeing his famous 6 toed cats!

Small confession here: Neither Albie or I have ever read anything by Ernest Hemingway. Eek! I think we played the part of well read tourists while exploring his old property but we certainly picked up a copy of “Old Man and the Sea” while we were in the gift shop!

After Hemingway’s House we rode our bikes towards the Key West Art & History Museum and found The Little White House where Truman vacationed. We did not tour this property despite my love for peaking around people’s houses because it seemed a bit pricey but the neighborhood this is in is BEAUTIFUL! I would move in tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will have an update with the rest of our Key West!

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