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Anniversary Trip: Key West 2 …

June 1, 2010

After touring Hemingway’s House and riding our bikes around Key West for a bit on the Wednesday of our Anniversary Trip we went to the Key West Art & History Museum. We hadn’t planned on going here but were glad we did.

The special exhibit while we were there featured Babar who I have always thought is adorable. We studied him in my early French classes and the artists vacation in Key West so it was really cool to see all the Babar art.

We also learned more about Hemingway:

Albie also found this old map of Key West and then found exactly where our hotel was! (again, we are n-e-r-d-s)

We also came across these sculptures and I love anything Marilyn so we stopped to say hello

Lunch on Wednesday was at a Cuban restaurant recommended by our concierge, El Siboney.

Since we were still riding around town like this:

We stopped and explored a really pretty cemetery:

Dedicated to the USS Maine

We went back to the hotel to dry off and get Finley to make our way down to the Southern Most Point before our last dinner in the keys:

But what trip to Key West would be complete with out seeing roosters? And when I say “seeing roosters”, I mean lets stop to take pictures of them with your dog who has been in a hotel room all day:

Our final day in the Keys ended perfectly with the best meal of the trip at Blue Heaven:

Because our hotel buddy called ahead for us we got an AWESOME table and got treated to some free Key lime Pie. Being that we were in Blue Heaven, there were blue lights everywhere so all my pictures have this blue hue to them but it was seriously the most delicious dinner ever.

But our trip  to the Keys was now over. Thursday morning we again got up super early to hit the road to Charleston which was just a quick stop on our way back to Raleigh.

Sunrise on our way out of the Keys

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