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Anniversary Trip: Charleston…

June 2, 2010

When I planned our road trip back and forth from the keys Albie had wanted me to try and break up the drive down if at all possible. So of course I didn’t want to break it up on the way down, I just wanted to get there already! But on the way back I had the brilliant idea of stopping in Charleston.

Right, so it turns out it made the trip LONGER than it needed to be by about 2 hours. Oops. Way to read a map Katie!

Overall Charleston was fantastic though! We had great weather and although we were only in the city for less than 24 hours we got to eat at 2 yummy restaurants and take a really comprehensive walking tour. My picture taking got out of control while we walking around so expect a post later in the summer with just pictures of all the beautiful doors, porches and window boxes.

Dinner the first night was at Jestine’s based off of a recommendation from a good friend of mine who went to College of Charleston for a bit and it was a perfect recommendation!

Friday morning was our walking tour with Charleston Sole and it was great! We learned a lot about the history of Charleston and he was great with letting Finley come along.

Oh well Hay there Finley!

While walking we came across a ton of people selling Sweetgrass baskets. Some got quite pricey and others were pretty reasonable. They were interesting to learn about and once you watch the people make them you can appreciate them a lot more. It looks like a painstakingly long process.

Sweetgrass baskets

$10,000 Sweetgrass basket

There were the prettiest gardens behind people's fences

Everything is so old. I loved this tree growing into a fence.

After looking through people’s fences and learning about various fires that have devastated Charleston in the past we headed over toward the battery.

Rainbow Row

After our walking tour we ate at Hominy Grill for lunch on our way out of town:

And with that, after a 4 hour drive home and the last of our book on tape… our trip was over. We got home in time to start some laundry and cook a frozen pizza for dinner.  Sigh… where to go next?

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