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Anniversary Trip: Finley’s tails…

June 4, 2010

Hi Guys, me Finley here!

Isn’t this cool that My mom taught me how to type? Yeah, she is pretty special. But enough about her! I wanted to show you how I experienced my parent’s first anniversary trip.

My mom thinks my faces are hilarious. And she gets bored in the car, so she takes pictures of them.

We stopped for gas once we got into the state of Florida and Mom and I were both delirious from boredom

Still at the gas station in Fl

Ok, finally leaving the gas station. Whew. Mom was getting annoying.

Here I am arriving in the Keys. I love that salty air!

Checked into our first hotel. Don't know what my parents kept complaining about: I had my own bed! Hotel was ok to me!

Dad thought it was a good idea to take us out on a canoe. I tipped it over 2 times, plus tried to sink it once.

Luckily my parents can't stay mad at me too long. Me being wet just gave them an excuse to have drinks on the porch.

They even let me meet the birds at the hotel! Woohoo!

And I met a turtle. This guy was bigger than my brother Squirtle though, so I didn't get too close.

Have I ever told y'all that I love the salt air, water and boats? Well I do.

Except, I get super antsy when my parents swim off with out me. Where did they think they were going? Too bad they had to tie me up otherwise I'd have been in that water too!

Dad was really tired when we got to Key West, so I snuggled with him while Mom watched Superman on TV.

Second hotel rocked too, another bed all to my self! And I needed it too, I was pooped!

Here I am meeting the dog that lived at our Key West hotel. She was really shy but we got along really well.

My parents were taking me on a walk to see some big "southern most" something or other but I reallllllyyyyy wanted to play with the roosters. Mom thought is was funny. Dad didn't.

There was so much going on around us that I couldn't focus on the camera. Too bad it would have been a nice picture if I had been paying attention.

After our exciting walk with the roosters I was ready for a nap and thought my parents should nap too.

Everyday when they went out and played with roosters and 6 toed cats, I had to sit in my crate. It was a bummer.

But when they came home they were so ready to love on me. Which is be expected. I was built for comfort.

Here I am ready for the walking tour in Charleston! It wasn't too hot and they packed water for me so I was excited!

This is what we looked like on the tour. At every stop Mom would put down a bowl for me that I would ignore. Because really? It's way more fun to make funny noises and pant then it is to drink the water in front of me.

Charleston was a blast. They had school kids everywhere who wanted to pet me because I am a "Rott" and then I found puddles to lay in.

Here I am on the "Battery" or whatever it's called. I call it a wall in front of water that I want to swim in.

As you can see, I am super spoiled and loved beyond measure. I love traveling with my Mom and Dad and can’t wait to see where they take me next!

Kisses and Cuddles,


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