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Follow Friday…

June 11, 2010

I am on twitter but I haven’t really fully embraced it yet. I don’t get the whole #ironiccomment thing and I don’t have a smart phone so the only form of “tweeting” I can do is via old fashioned misspelled text message or the internet. (And I sit at a computer all day, not really interested in sitting at a computer all night too just to “tweet” things. Sorry.)

But I get it. I enjoy spewing thoughts to people I really don’t know and to people who won’t run to other people I know and tell them I thought something was tacky etc. But mostly I enjoy following celebrities and other bloggers. I think it’s fun.

So in true Twitter “Follow Friday” fashion, here are some of my favorite people to follow on Twitter:

And because we are on a blog and not on twitter, here are some of my favorite blogs that I follow (Lots more over in my blogroll to the right that is updated every so often):

I have loved getting some new commenters this week, and I think it’s been the best way to find new blog’s to follow. Have you been following me? Let me know!

From "Bad Postcards" mentioned above

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