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Waiting Sucks…

June 13, 2010
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Today is Sunday. More specifically, today is True Blood’s season three premiere date! YAY!

I originally got into the books (Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris) and have totally loved them. They are quick shameful reads  that carry the story further than I think the show will ever be able to.

Albie and I bought into HBO this year for the first time since the Soprano’s went off the air and although he sits there with me, Albie could not be described as a “fan” of the show.  His favorite character to make fun of is Eric (my favorite character besides Lafayette).

Kid Rock on the left and Eric is on the right

But differences aside Albie watches with me and he will look forward to the premiere tonight because he should, and because I will hijack the TV without giving any other options.

Here are my hopes and things I am looking forward to this season:

  • The addition of Alcide to Sookie’s life
  • Less of Bill (Sorry, but not such a fan of Bill’s, hopefully this season will show you why.)
  • Back story on Sam and his family
  • No more Maryann (Good Lord did they draw her story out or what!??)
  • More traveling out of Bon Temps
  • Hopeful that they add Bubba into the show, although it’s looking doubtful
  • Better script writing (I’m not a bad fan for thinking this! You have to admit some of those scripts and conversations have been BAD!)

Ok, so what are are you looking forward to this season? More of a fan of the books or the show?

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