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Pate – Wiggs Wedding …

June 15, 2010

This past weekend, our marathon of weddings continued with a friend of mine from college and daughter of one our coaches, Jackie Pate marrying Michael Wiggs.

The wedding was in a church that didn’t allow photography during the ceremony so this is the best non-blurry picture I captured of them.

The reception was held in the Vaughn Towers, our VIP and press boxes above the football stadium.

Jackie had every detail covered, even their slide show played over the big screen.

The wedding was beautiful and I was so impressed with Jackie’s ability to take a game day facility and turn it into a classic wedding. I have events in this building all the time and I can only imagine the amount of hard work and rentals that went into her making that space so perfect for her!

(Notice no pictures of me? The reason is that upon further inspection of said pictures I realized I looked like a hot mess. After spending most of the evening parked at a back table with other coaches enjoying the delicious Pinot Grigio when I did get around to being in a picture, it was no bueno.)

Best Wishes Mr. & Mrs. Wiggs!

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