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EarthBound …

June 16, 2010

I have stated many times that Albie and I are nerds. But I have always meant that loosely, as in we prefer to sit at home and hang out rather than go out to bars… and we call Finley the “wittlest guy in the world” in the dumbest voice ever.

And although Albie has been a part of the nerd community since childhood, what with his video game skills, knowledge of Star Trek, love for Legos and fascination with other nerdy things I don’t even know about – I loved him anyway.  But Albie always said really dramatic things like: “You won’t ever understand me until you play Earth Bound.” and “If you love me you’d play Earth Bound.”

Guess what came next?

I played his dumb game. Start to finish. The girl who wasn’t (and probably still isn’t) allowed to play video games has beaten EarthBound.

For those of you who haven’t been inducted into this Nerd community like I now have been, EarthBound is a Super Nintendo RPG (oh yeah, check me out with my nerd lingo) that has an almost cult following.

The story follows Ness, a young boy who has a calling to save the world. He is very brave and is only made braver by the encouragement of his friends and family. Along his journey to defeat the bad guys and learn new skills he picks up some friends, refered to as “The Chosen Four”: Paula, Jeff and Poo (who I renamed Omar because Poo just makes me laugh).

Poo, Jeff, Ness and Paula

The game takes Ness and his friends around the world saving towns and recording “melodies” to a “sound stone” that will ultimately help end an impending world take over.

Did I loose you yet? Because this is where Albie almost lost me. Despite his love for this game and his generous wine pouring to encourage the continuation of me playing the game- there were points that I almost hid the controller and ran outside to feel the sun on my skin. But I kept on.

One of the reason I kept playing, besides Albie’s sad puppy eyes, was because we had the game guide. I know true video game nerds might look down on me for using a guide, but I needed it ok? I liked the lists that told me the order that I was supposed to accomplish things, and I liked knowing what to expect from a “Boss” (oo more lingo) and places to get the best food to replenish my “HP & PP”.

So with my game guide in hand, wine by my side and Finley cuddled up next to me I spent an obscene amount of my free time playing and ultimately beating this video game. The final battle was long and involved Paula praying while the other guys defended the group. In the end though, I beat the game. So yay me!

The End...?

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