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Master Bedroom Furniture…

June 23, 2010

Oh woah is our master bedroom. For realz, it’s terrible.  It gave me a mini panic attack the other day because I hate how it isn’t nice and relaxing and “put together”.

I know what I want. I also know we don’t have the money to be buying obscene furniture for a room that Finley spends more time in than we do.  Just for fun though, here’s what I’d buy:

It’s called Beau Noveau by Stanley and I love it. Although there are changes I would make. First, we need a darker or more “black-dog-hair” friendly comforter. I would also add a bench to the bottom of the bed.  And then somewhere I would need to add the TV and a book case.

Also I don’t see where the large wire dog crate goes in this room, do you? That carpet also looks awfully white, maybe no one has spilled cheese dip or candle wax on it? And how did they decide to actually put something up on the walls?

I think I am realistic that my room wont ever look like that but I do NEED that furniture.  Albie and I like to do what we call “Punting” when it comes to major decisions: We look and look and find something super nice and expensive then go to Target (no disrespect sweet Tarjay, I still love you) and buy an uglier cheaper version that will work “For now”. How long will that continue?

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