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Holiday Weekend Recap …

July 6, 2010

This weekend was spent enjoying many things and non of them involved the normal responsibilities of life…

Friday kicked off a bit earlier than normal and that helped us get on the road and beat some of the headed-to-the-beach traffic. Mom and I acted like tourists and visited a few newish restaurants in town and sampled delicious foods and drinks:

On Saturday, Albie and I enjoyed some yummy food and a good time at our Friend Wendy’s. Albie manned the grill and I manned the wine bottle so once other people’ s pictures are posted on facebook and deemed worthy of steeling I’ll post them here too…

What’s that you spy there? I spy with my little eyes: Pudding decorated with an American flag, little Bald Eagle heads, Chicken Roll-ups (I have already requested the recipe!) French Onion dip, and a Dill dip with veggies. (I can only claim making the two dips.)

Saturday we also visited with some of Albie’s family including his cousin’s sweet little girls who have enough energy to wear even Finley out!

Sunday Morning we walked over to the beach for a few hours where with the help of tons of spf and umbrella we both managed to escape un-burned:

Sunday My mom, Finley and I visited Greg at Camp Carefree

Where we watched some really great fireworks and saw a cute proposal between 2 counselors:

Monday was spent at a used book store where I stoked up on a tons of the good books I have been getting from the library all year to fill my bookshelves. Then I headed back to Raleigh to begin the list of normal chores that I had mentally neglected: unpacking, laundry, meal planning, dishes, grocery store, quick pool time,  and then I tackled the under-sink cabinets in both of our bathrooms…On top of finishing 2 books this weekend and starting another I feel like I could use a weekend from my weekend!

Anyone else ever feel that way?


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