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Date Night…

July 10, 2010

Every Tuesday night Albie and I go out on a “Date Night”.

May 2006

Date Night got started back in high school one summer (2001 or 2002?) when we were both working two jobs: I was a waitress at a burger place and a hostess at the beach. Albie was a dishwasher at a beach restaurant and a mechanic. Needless to say in addition to our crazy schedules we never saw each other due to a lame curfew on my behalf and the distance of being all over town. Most days would run between me hostessing the opening/lunch shift down at the beach then changing uniforms to waitress the dinner shift up in town and close up while Albie would rotate tires and change oil in town until he closed up his greasy spoon on the beach.  Back and forth, back and forth.

So we created Date Night – We both asked BOTH of our jobs to let us have off Monday nights. This worked well because that meant most tourists would have gone home already from their weekend at the beach, local kids would be back in their summer camps, parents would be back on  their work schedules and new movies would have worn off their newness by Monday. It was perfect!

Back then Date Night was also a way to get out of the house so it always involved dinner, a trip to Barnes & Noble and then a 9ish movie. It got me home in time to not make anyone wait up too much but it gave us places to go. (We read many a book without paying for them back then – I used to just write down the page number in my planner and then find it the next week, haha. )

Since then Date night evolved; I quit waitressing and started hostessing at one restaurant on each beach we lived near (that’s about a 30 minute drive between the two) and Albie eventually went away to college. Date night stayed on Monday’s for a few years before we wised up and noticed that Tuesday’s had even less crowds and movie theaters would sometimes give us free popcorn just for coming on a Tuesday!

We have since cut out the Barnes & Noble portion of the night, even though that proved very useful when I was wedding hungry and I would spend that time with STACKS of wedding books and magazines.  And movie times fit our schedule better when they are of the 7:40 or 8:00 variety.

Even at our poorest (aka post graduation unemployment) we kept up with Date Night as a way to get out of the house. Some months it was the only time we ate out at all and it may have only been Chick-Fil-A but we loved it. Also, at some point in high school we started getting candy at a gas station right before the movie but that has turned into us keeping a huge stash in our pantry and then bringing baggies full of it hidden in my purse like contraband.

I think people would expect for me to say how much money this ends up costing or how much we could save if we didn’t do all this “dating each other” nonsense, but every budget has “entertainment” built in and everyone goes out to diner once and a while so this is how we do it.  Planning on it to be every Tuesday nights helps to set the rest of the schedule and helps us to plan our weekly menu.We also are members of about every kind of “frequent ” club you can be (like Regal Crown Club’s or the Carolina Club Card for our local theater) so we get all kinds of free perks, points that add up to tickets and somehow we’re still college students according to our student ID’s so that helps on the price too :)

Albie still likes to act like he’s the one paying the bill even though we have joint money now and he still opens my doors for me. We have drinks before we head out and although I don’t by any means  get dressed up I try to wear actual pants versus the yoga pants I typically wear after work. We might be the most  routine couple I know but I love Date Night and I think it has worked for us.

Do y’all do anything like date night? Have a routine in your house that keeps things working?


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